Afghanistan- 2010

Afghanistan- 2010

Some are scared of different. Afraid the status quo will be disrupted. I promise to disrupt, TO break the rules, because that's the only way things change.

My goal is to make human behavior more tangible, be it with a pen or a paintbrush. Stories matter. We're contrived of them. You and I are made up of a collection of our experiences and choices. Where've been matters. What you have seen matters. You matter.

My experiences - or as you may call it, my non-traditional path - is what makes me different. Someone before me said,

"Hire the right people and get the fuck out of the way."

If you don't like change, then you don't like business, or you're just scared.

If you care enough to know me further, see the next paragraph. If you’re busy, explore my work here.

Traveling the world, learning and living in different cultures, helped shape my perception to the importance and beauty of human behavior. Being an active-duty Marine for 8 years fighting, traveling to 22 different countries, including Afghanistan, where life or death was a foot away. I've learned to navigate problems,
so needless to say, I won't lose much sleep over so-called 'problems.'

Strategic-minded in everything I do, I believe copy to be the best tool to solve any challenge. The oldest form of storytelling comes from words. Words spread like waves. Everything is copy, right?

If you read this far, we should probably grab a coffee.

Reach out and say hi! Coffee is on me :)