Direct Marketing at its finest!
Role: Copywriter

  • Sent over 70 B2C & B2B emails to appropriate target segment creating awareness for the brand and sales!
    In charge of Subject lines, Preview text, Headline copy, blurbs, and the CTA.

  • Assisted with copy for the $10 Tee Of The Day SMS.

  • Published 15 Threadless blog posts to consumers and businesses that was viewed by over one thousand visitors.

  • Drafted copy for and published 14 Design Challenges.

Here are 10 of my favorite Subject Lines I crafted while at Threadless:

  1. Drum roll, please! 🥁 - (Announcement email)

  2. Love is love is love. 💕 - (Pride month email)

  3. Pick your Poison! - (Promotional email)

  4. Egg-cessorize your life! - (Easter promo email)

  5. Time to make a prime design. ⌛- (Call to Action email)

  6. Stay paw-sitive! - (Cat design promo email)

  7. Arya KIDDING ME? - (GoT blog release email)

  8. $11.11 tees! (Not a tease) - April fools promo email)

  9. Sweet dreams are made of tees! - (Promo email)

  10. Say hasta la vista to $12 tees baby ⏳ - (Urgency email)

    Here are 3 of my favorite Design Challenge description I crafted while at Threadless:

    1. The more love we see, the better life can be!

    While Pride month comes every June, we here at Threadless like to celebrate Pride every day. For this design challenge, create designs that celebrate every type of love. Your creative approach should showcase the true meaning of Pride, and help to spread the important message of human equality.

    Someone famous once said, “all you need is love” and that line stands true to this day. The reason? Because love is love is love. 💕

    Paint the town in the full spectrum of the rainbow. 🏳️‍🌈 Illustrate to your heart's content and show us how you celebrate Pride. Whether you're an ally or a member, this design challenge will help tell the world that everyone is deserving of love and we should all have the same right to love.

    2. Be a modern avant-garde of the Tropicália movement.

    Tropicália- More than art. More than a movement. It was a feeling. A wave of liberation that spread across Brazil leading artists of all facets to make art of different cultures and mediums. Colored in youth and vibrant emotion, Tropicália has inspired creators since the ‘60s. Now it’s your turn! We encourage rich fusions with your designs, bold blending of hues well beyond the norm.

    Embody the freedom of your arms in a Tropicália style with designs that will look revolutionary. Think tropical and create a colorful design perfect for tank tops, totes and tees! Boa sorte!

    3. Sip, sip, hooray!

    During the hours of 5-7pm, the ordinary day turns into an adult recess. It’s Happy Hour! That time where you can stop and smell the rosé and remind yourself that sip happens. We want you to shake (or stir) it up with a new twist on your favorite happy hour drink or feeling and tap into that creativity we know you’ve got on draft.

    Show the world what the Happiest Hour looks like to you. Create a design that’ll make us take a pitcher, ‘cause it lasts longer. Now get poppin’!

    For more of my work from threadless, please reach out!